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Healthy eating – Healthy Living

We all know that eating is an important part of daily routine which gives us the energy to work and carry on our daily life. In today’s world with so many diseases emerging has made it important to have a holistic approach to health. Along with medicines a healthy lifestyle and Healthy Eating is also very important.

A balanced diet not only gives us a fit body but also a fit mind to carry on our daily routines. In today’s daily fast-moving life many of us tend to skip breakfast or lunch or do not get time to have home-cooked meals and land up having ready-made junk foods.  A nutritionist can help us tackle all these problems with simple recipes and the best articles to eat. When you have a diet chart in your hand you are clear on what to eat and what not to.

A diabetic needs to follow a non-sugary food pattern, similarly, someone whose kidney is affected or has high uric acid levels need to reduce protein, people with constipation need more fiber-rich food. All these needs are understood by a nutritionist and provides an exact diet pattern for you to follow.

At Sarthak Clinic we have one of the best and experienced dietician Dt. Urvashi Narang 

urvashi dieticianWith more than 6 years of experience, she is in Food & Nutrition and PG Diploma in Dietetics & Public health nutrition.


•Assistant Dietitian – Medanta The Medicity (2016-2018)

•Associate Dietitian – Artemis Hospitals(2018-2019)

•Consultant Dietitian – 1 MG Healthcare (2019 – Till now)


• Life Member – Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association

At Sarthak Clinic we are giving you the opportunity to consult with Dt. Urvashi Narang at an introductory price of Rs. 300 only. To avail of the offer apply code ‘GET200′ 

Book your appointment today and get a personalized diet chart for your health needs. 

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