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Fever after taking Covid Vaccine

We all have been affected by this ongoing Pandemic since 2020 and drained out mentally, physically and economically. It is hard to say when it is going to end but one possible way is to get yourself vaccinated.

Ideal time for vaccination?

Vaccination gives us antibodies which are fighting soldiers of our body and protects us against foreign pathogens. So when you get infected by Coronavirus you develop an antibody that will protect you from 60-90 days. Once your antibodies level deplete inside the body then you can go for a vaccine. It is suggestible to do a covid antibody (IgG Total) test before going for vaccination (book test). Consult your doctor to know if the antibody levels are suitable for vaccination or should be delayed. 

Which vaccine should be preferred?

Presently in India, the following vaccines are available:

  1. Covishield
  2. Covaxine
  3. Sputnik V

All the are equally effective in protecting against Noble coronavirus. Covishield and Covaxin required 2 doses of the vaccine whereas Sputnik V only needs single dose. 

The first and second dose of vaccine has to be same and cannot be interchanged. SO if someone has taken covaxin as 1st dose then that person would be taking 2nd dose of covaxin only and not covishield or Sputnik V.

Gap between doses

  • 2nd dose of Covishield to be taken after 84 days of 1 st dose
  • 2nd dose of Covaxin to be taken after 28 days of 1st dose.
  • Sputnik V is a single-dose vaccine. 

Gap between doses

1st Dose
2nd Dose
Day 0
After 84 days
Day 0
After 28 days
Sputnik V
Day 0

Symptoms after vaccination

After taking the 1st or 2nd dose you may experience

  1. Body pain
  2. Fatigue
  3. Fever 99-103 F
  4. Headache
  5. Running Nose
  6. Cough
  7. Leg pain
  8. Nausea and Vomiting
  9. Acute Gastritis with stomach pain
  10. Pain at injection site

One or more of these symptoms may develop after few hours of taking the vaccine and may last up to 48 to 72 hours. This is a indication of vaccine taking effect in your body and no reason to be alarmed.

These symptoms should resolve on their own within 72 hours (3 Days). However, if they extend beyond 3 days then consult a physician regarding the same. 

No Painkillers Allowed!

During this period of 72 hours, no painkiller (NSAIDS) is should be taken as there reports of incidences causing fatal reactions. Also taking painkiller may cause improper development of immunity. Painkiller may suppress the development of antibodies inside the body which will help fight against the noble coronavirus. 

For fever, headache and body pain you can take Paracetamol (Acetamenophen) 500/650mg every 6 hourly or as required. 

Paracetamol – Dolo or Calpol 650mg every 6 hours or as required. 

Ondansetron -Emeset or Ondem 4mg 2-3 times a day for vomiting or as required.

ORS – Electral powder in 1 glass of water to be taken slowly slowly. Increase water intake. 

Multivitamin – Becosule -Z capsule or Zincovit daily once for 10 days. 

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