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Quit Smoking with Sarthak Clinics

We all clearly know what smoking does to us, our body and to our near and dear ones with passive smoking. And those who understand are even ready to ‘QUIT” but that’s the most difficult part. All you need is a push and we at SARTHAK CLINICS can help you with that.  

How we work?

We have a team of experts with years of experience, comprising of physicians, dentists, psychologists and alternative medicine. We provide you with
  • Treatment Plan
  • Counselling Session
  • Regular Follow-ups
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Lab tests at doorstep*
We help you choose the best plan and then motivate you to work towards that.

Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans work for newbie smokers to age-old smokers. Even you had unsuccessful attempts in the past we will help you get through with our neatly crafted just for you plans where we will be able to get over those challenges which you couldn’t in the past. We provide nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine de-addiction, medicinal support, homoeopathic support, psychological counselling and motivational session along with treatment to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms. The journey with us will feel like breeze, whether you go ‘Cold Turkey’ or you wish to quit gradually. We understand the need of every individual and provide the treatment plans accordingly. Our support is extended online as well. Select from one of the packages – Click Here quit smoking package After that, you will receive a call from SARTHAK CLINIC’s and your journey to a smoke-free life will begin. We have been successfully able to help more than 200 people with 80% success rate. So we urge you to go ahead and give us a call at


if you care about your life and the life of your near and dear ones.


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