Eat Healthy, Eat Right – Part 2 Saying No

Step 2 : Differentiating the right from wrong

 This part is all about saying YES to what is right and saying NO to what is wrong for your body. Just a little bit of self control and you can say good bye to years of fat. Adopting a healthy food style will give you a new freshness and energy in your everyday life.

1. Say no to unhealthy & untimely snacks – People often confuse thirst with snack. When ever that feeling strikes in you end up consuming 400-500 calories that could have easily been avoided just by drinking a glass full of water. Always drink a glass full of water when an untimely snack attack thrives in. After 15 mins if you still feel hungry then its time for snacks.

2. Avoid artificial drinks – Say no to soft drinks, energy drinks, artificial juices or any other stuff containing artificial sweeteners. A glass of Devil’s own at CCD can add up to a whooping 500 calories. A bottle of frootie or mazza are equal culprits.

3. Meatless Mondays – An international campaign say to eat only vegetables on Monday as cutting back on the meat is very much healthy. By reducing the non-veg consumption you allow the body to settle down and use up the fat stored. Also this help controlling the arterial plaque build up and thus evading a possible heart attack.

4. No junk food – This takes a lot of will power but once achieved this is the best ever step you will take. Saying no to those fries and burgers is most probably the hardest this that one can do but this will help you reduce unbelievable 5-8 KG’s and avoid a humongous quantity of trans fatty acids.

5. Less of Alcohol – Taken once in a while is good. Scientists say Red wine contains polyphenoal called resvaretrol which is actually goof for heart and blood vessels. But then again as everyone very well knows alcohol has devastating side effects. Avoid beer as much possible as this nasty bugger directly makes friendship with your belly fat.

Just by avoiding a few harmful ingredients you add up a lot of happy years to your life. When these steps are achieved only the final step remains – a healthy practice.

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