Eat Healthy, Eat Right – Part 1 Choosing

Having healthy food is the stepping stone towards a Healthy life. It is actually not as hard as it seems. All you need is a little bit of will power. You probably have someone or the other telling you the numerous benefits of eating healthy or giving up on junk food, but here i’ll show you how to do so.

You are almost at the finish line once you make up your mind. Then all you need to do is follow 3 easy steps that I am going to show you here.

Step 1 : Choosing the right food

1. Eat the right Carbohydrates – We Indians are used to eating a lot of simple sugar, flour and potatoes. These break easily and a produce a surge of sugar level in your blood which in turn causes a massive insulin release making it more exhausting for your body. Eat in moderation instead. Aim for brown bread instead of white bread. Ask for whole wheat pasta instead of normal pasta. Take in whole grain flour, oats, multi-grain breads. Eat green leafy vegetables. Making a simple saut√© by including olive oil, garlic etc. is equally fulfilling.

Multi grain Brown Bread

2. Protein is a must – Daily protein intake is a must and nearly 10% to 20% of our calorie intake should be fulfilled by our protein intake. Proteins help building muscles and give a long lasting energy through out the day. Go for at least two boiled eggs in the morning, have chicken in lunch. Fishes are a good source of protein as well.
Vegetarians should fill up their protein requirement by legumes, seeds, soya products. Cashew nuts are also know to be rich source of protein.

3. Must keep a check on Salt intake. Use as less possible and always go for Low sodium salt. High salt intake cases problems like Hypertension (increase in blood pressure), water retention in the body giving a puffy look and making you look fat.

4. Know your fat – Mono-saturated fats omega 3 intake is good for your body. Have low fattening butter if at all required.
Where as trans fatty acids are very bad for the body and takes years to drain off once consumed. They eventually lead to diseases like heart attack, stroke etc.

5. Don’t give up – People try to give up on sweets and alcohol, ice cream etc. but all this is only for a while and then the come back is devastating. You so much stuff up your self that the abstinence looses its value. Rather have whatever you like once in a while. Or treat yourself over some nice occasion. Don’t make it daily but no need to give it up either.

Once you are done with the hard part of choosing and making yourself used to the correct food then comes the easy part of making healthy decisions.

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