Eat Healthy, Eat Right – Part 3 Think Healthy

Once you know what to eat and what not to then its time for

Step 3: Healthy Attitude

1. Food is your friend not your enemy – There is no need to just stuff it unnecessarily. It is to give you energy. Understand your needs. Don’t do stress eating or overeating. You must channelize your energy in other directions. This will keep your mind off the food. 

2. You must realize the amount of calorie required by you. If required meet a dietitian and get a balanced diet chart made up. A healthy grown up man required upto 2000 calories per day and a woman nearly 1500 per day. 
For eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa see your doctor and with the  help of correct medicine it is treatable. In this condition people either eat a lot or purposefully vomit after eating a lot and uncontrollably loose weight.

3. Eat slowly and drink a lots of water. Eating slowly helps in better digestion. And water helps in increasing the fluid metabolism.

4. Don’t skip breakfast. People usually don’t feel hungry in the morning. Once you skip the meal the brain thinks there is shortage and so it orders the body to store more and more thus adding to the fat.
Also when you skip break fast you are hungry that you try to fill up more during lunch. So even if you skip breakfast atleast take 2 biscuits with a glass full of water.

5. Eat little but again and again. Do not stick to classic breakfast, lunch and dinner but take snack inbetween as well. This will let you eat less during the meals and provide a balanced diet. Also by doing so your metabolism will be active throughout the day giving you ample amount of energy.
Stick more to fruits and vegetables. Follow the food pyramids.

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