Tackle Dengue

It has become a common menace today. But there is no need to be alarmed as it could be very easily handled just like any other viral disease.

Step to follow

1. This virus causes a lot of dehydration by oozing of plasma out of our blood vessels and therefore first and foremost thing to do is to drink lots and lots of fluid.
Not only water but liquids with salts in them. Go for juices, ORS, health drinks etc.

2. One of the very common symptoms of dengue is high fever. It could rise as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit and above (but in rare cases of Dengue hemorrhagic fever)
So best thing to do is not to let the fever rise. It will be accompanied by body ache, watering of eyes, headache, extreme weakness and many similar symptoms. Always take paracetamol/acetaminophen.

4. Wear full length clothes, use mosquito replants and cover stored water as Ades mosquito breeds in fresh water. (ref:- Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

3. Go see a doctor and take his advice. He will suggest a blood test which will allow him to monitor the -platelet count and also confirm the presence of the virus in your blood.
Then the blood test might be repeated after a few days to see if the platelets are normal or not and thus could be concluded if the patient is out of danger or not. 

If the platelet count falls then the person might have to be admitted in the hospital

This condition is completely curable if not ignored and checked on time. So don’t delay and if you feel like having become victim of that darned mosquito then go and get checked.

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