Indigestion and Gas – What to do besides medicine

With all the various kinds of cuisine available in the market it is unimaginable that one will not suffer indigestion or gastritis. I often find my patients asking what all to avoid in order to keep a check on their gaseous condition. 

It is not very difficult to give yourself a healthy bowel movement just by following a few simple daily life habits.

1. Check on what you eat
It is very important to have a check on amount of and quality of food we eat. Not everything suits everyone. You should have an idea of food products that suits you and those which doesn’t. Many persons are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant etc. So they should avoid dairy products, milk and food containing gluten respectively. 

Never eat excessively. Ideally one should eat in small amount and multiple frequencies. This maintains a steady flow of energy for the body. Avoid fried and fatty foods especially fast foods. Make sure that your daily diet contains green leafy vegetables like cabbage etc. and fresh fruits like banana, apple etc. Eat fiber rich diet like oats, barley as these provide roughage to our stool content and make a bulk for easy passage. Otherwise people experience constipation followed by related health issues. Fresh fruits and vegetables complement our vitamin and mineral shortage.
2. Exercise
It is as important to use up the energy you consume. A mild exercise daily like walking, free hand work outs really gets your gut moving. Increased motility of your intestine helps digest food better and faster.  Also increases the flow of the gastric juices which further aids in better digestion.

Never go to sleep or rest immediately after eating a meal. Taking a brisk walk helps the food move down from stomach to intestine.                                                                               Lying down makes it difficult to push down                                                                               the food.
3. Water – Life Saver
Always make it a habit to drink plenty of liquids. When you wake up in the morning drink at least half a liter of water. Water helps to expand stomach and make more space for food and gastric contents to mix up well. Also water gets mix with the food products to make the churning process smooth inside stomach. Water dilutes the gastric juices of stomach and reduces the acidity by increasing the pH level.

4. How much to Eat
In today’s busy life it is often seen that people tend to miss their breakfast. They usually run off to work skipping breakfast and have something minimum for lunch and end up having a heavy dinner. This makes the body out of shape/proportion and causes further problems in digestion process.
Ideal way of consuming food is we should have a Heavy breakfast, followed by mild lunch and a very lite dinner. This gives time to our body to digest and also give us sufficient energy throughout the day.

5. Adopt healthy habits
Often youngsters get fascinated with the idea of staying up till late and unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking. Our body sustains a lot of damage due to this and thus resulting in many other health issues one of them being gastritis. In order for the body physiology to work one must follow a biological rhythm. Staying up till late night causes over secretion of gastric juices and increases metabolic activities. In absence of food gastric juices cause a lot of damage to the mucosa by eroding it, which results into ulcers on the long run.

Smoking and drinking reduces our metabolic activities and our digestion process becomes very slow. Gastric content increases which causes gastritis and indigestion. These are one of the fastest actions of tobacco and alcohol in addition to numerous other damage they cause to the body. Avoid all these and you get a healthy digestive system.
These are a few quick and healthy points to follow along with gastric medicines that the doctor prescribes you. Keep control of what and how much you eat. This is the best way to keep your stomach happy.

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