Welcoming 2021 with the motivation to do something new

Each year in our lives we all try to become a good person or try to change our lives by taking resolutions to become better and more improved versions of ourselves. Somewhere in the journey of life we do change but those are the experience which we gain, change us.

Another absolutely unparalleled way of gaining knowledge is by “READING”. Reading books, magazines, newspaper or anything in that context provide us with immense knowledge. Each time we are reading we learn something new or our present knowledge base is brushed.

We usually see people talking about so many things but if you observe closely they are only referring to the surface material where as deep knowledge of the subject is lacking. Which is why there are Subject Experts. It is as simple as reading about the subject and using it in your daily life. This is what makes you an expert in any subject – In-depth knowledge and daily life application .

So this new year I will urge you all to READ. Read before you speak. Read Gita, read Bible, read Quran, read Harry Potter, read whatever you like and understand. Understand before you speak, so that you may impart full knowledge to someone else and not indulge in half loaded discussions which may turn ugly when stubborn people participate.

With that note I wish you all – A very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.

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