10 tips for a healthy sleep

Many of us face difficulty in falling asleep. In today’s world insomnia and sleep deprivation are very common problems for many. We are so much burdened with work and social pressure that it builds up into stress affecting our good night’s sleep.
If you suffer from conditions like insomnia, narcolepsy, teeth grinding, sleep apnoea, etc. you should definitely see a doctor.
For a good sleeping habit, there are few simple tips one can follow 

Tips for sleep

1. Understand the Need for Sleep – We all sleep but only a few of us understand its need. Sleep is a much-required habit for leading a healthy and happy life. If we get less sleep then we tend to get cranky and irritated. If we understand its need in life we can approach it with a completely healthy set of mind which in turn helps us achieve our other goals. 

2. Prioritize sleep – We must understand that sleep should not be exchanged with Netflix or social media time. In-fact we much avoid blue screen or any other activity that can tend to remove sleep from our eyes should be avoided. Switch off your TV and Phone and simply go to bed. 

3. Watch your diet – Diet forms an integral part in helping us have the required amount of energy in day to day life. But too much energy will also interfere with a proper sleep or it will make it difficult to attend sleep in time. Try to avoid stimulants like caffeine. Too much caffeine can easily take away sleep from your eyes. Similarly, those who drink find it difficult to maintain proper sleep. Alcohol can cause dehydration, restlessness, and a rise in metabolism causing you to wake up several times at night and then again attend a proper sleep.

4. Exercise and keep active – Like all other simple habits exercise is also very much connected with our sleep. There are many theories as to what may connect them but the most simple and widely agreed upon theory is to make your body tired enough to sleep

5. Learn to relax – The trick to attend a good sleep is to let your mind relax. A healthy mind makes a healthy body. Try simple ways like trying to meditate. There are several ways to meditate. Try and practice the one which suits you the most. Keep practicing and don’t give up. It will help you stay focused and free. 

6. Sort out sleep routine –  It’s very important to maintain a routine. The saying goes like – Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. So it is of utmost importance that our brain should get familiarized with it’s time of sleep and waking up. This will automatically trigger sleep when it’s the correct time. 

7. Time management – Managing your time and sorting out your pending works help the mind to relax once you go to bed. It will not cause stress of overthinking with the burden of the pending work. 

8. Healthful thinking – When you go to bed try to focus on positive thoughts. Reduce worry and stress and try to focus on the positive and helpful thinking. Develop a habit of thoughtful thinking and reduce negative thoughts. Try to read a book or ponder upon delightful memories. 

9. Manage other problems – Instead of avoiding your problems deal with them. Face your fears. Once you address and solve your problems your mind is at rest. A peaceful mind promises better stress-free sleep. When the brain is not under stress chances of nightmares and bad dreams reduce to a minimum.

10. Perseverance and practice – Finally the most important step. With a little bit of practice each day one can completely master these steps. It all takes time, but once achieved a healthy sleep makes a healthy body and makes you HAPPY.

Ref. – Habits for Happiness by Dr. Tim Sharp copyrights Audible
Image source – www.Pexels.comhttps://www.pinterest.ca/pin/574842339911085411/


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