10 most common symptoms of Migraine

If you get regular headaches and they last for almost the whole day then most likely it’s migraine. What are the most common symptoms of migraine and how you can differentiate from a normal headache?

migraine headache
  1. Migraine is usually a half headed (Ardh-Kapaali) pain which starts by a trigger. Triggers are different for different people but most commonly they are extremes of climates, emotional stress, loud noise, some food products etc.
  2. Aura is a very common symptom in migraine patients. When you are about to get the migraine headache, then just sometime before the attack you would get the feeling that you are about to get a migraine attack.
  3. The pain is half headed in most of the people. Pain can be only in front – above eyes, in the back, and most commonly in the temples – left or right side of the head.
  4. During the headache, you will experience watering of eyes or difficult to keep your eyes open.
  5. Strong light or sunlight will increase the pain. You will feel more relaxed in the darkness with your eyes closed.
  6. Loud noise or songs and music will irritate and will cause a throbbing headache.
  7. Migraine is almost always associated with mood swings and may cause irritability, sadness and other emotions to burst out.
  8. A migraine headache may last even after sleeping. It usually lasts for the whole day and in severe cases may even last for days.
  9. You may also experience tinnitus (ringing sound) in your ears during the headache.
  10. A migraine headache is only diagnoses when it has a history of more than 6 months. It is never an isolated incident. It will follow a regular pattern. An attack may come monthly, weekly or even daily.

Migraine headache needs proper attention and treatment plan. It can be treated and its attacks can be reduced up to a great extent. To know more about treatment and plan BOOK an appointment with your doctor today.

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